What Does Freshworks do for Businesses

Easy-to-use sales & support CRM software, to engage with and delight both customers and employees.

Freshworks helps keep customers for life

Focus on your customer experience (CX) and Sales. Build relationships that span a lifetime by delighting your customers during every touchpoint.

Accelerate your digital transformation

IT and Operations automate, integrate & customise business workflows through a single, unified platform.

Extend your experience with integrated solutions

Achieve enterprise scale with Freshworks platform which provides a rich API for custom integration, developer portal and 1000+ marketplace apps.

About Freshworks and our verdict

Flexible, end-to-end, AI powered platform that unify customer experiences, enhance employee productivity with an ecosystem of IT developers and system partners.

Trusted by over 220,000 businesses around the world. What does Freshworks do? Freshworks is a leading business platform aimed at small businesses, growing companies, and enterprises. Generally, the software is ready to go, easy to setup and use, and requires minimal customisation which means less issues when starting or moving to a new system. With over 13 product modules, Freshworks covers sales teams, customer support teams, IT service teams, project management, marketing teams, your HR department, account management and more. At the heart of Freshworks is AI, which gives predictive insights that helps employees make smarter decisions.


We provide ROI driven Search Engine Optimization

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Integrate & Extend


Improve Sales

Is Freshworks the right CRM for your small business?

Before you start any free trial or evaluation, be clear about what your business needs.

Dynamics Tech can help you decide and choose the right CRM system for your small business needs. Key CRM competitors would be Salesforce, & Hubspot. Key customers would be existing Salesforce, Insightly, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, or SalesforceIQ clients. Freshworks is customisable with multiple add-on products including Freshdesk, Freshsales, Freshservice, Freshchat, Freshmarketer, Freshcaller, Freshteam, Freshrelease, Freshping, Freshconnect, Freshstatus, & Freshsucess. We have developed a Plan of Approach with a Rapid Methodology to ensure we make the most out of the deployment time and your get you started. Freshsales CRM comes with just the right kind of features for a growing small business. To see if  Freshsales CRM is right solution and product for you, contact us if you need more assistance and book a free consultation call or meeting.

Better Customer Experiences-50

360-degree view of customer information

Freshsales CRM software for small business gives you a complete view of lead and prospect information. You can identify touchpoints & get contact information enriched with social profiles. All interactions are tracked & recorded in a single place for your sale reps' convenience.


Helps you grow your small business

Freshsales CRM offers a wide range of capabilities to make it easier for you to improve CX with your company brand. CRM captures & segments contacts, tracks interactions over the phone, email or chat, schedules emails, syncs customer support tickets, automates sales tasks, and offers more functionalities and products from Freshworks which grows your small business.


Analyze metrics with reports

Keep track your sales and the progress of your sales reps. With a CRM for small businesses like Freshsales, you can analyse and forecast your sales with in-depth reports. Create sales cycle and velocity reports as well as trendline reports, customise them in an instant, and understand how your business is performing.

Boosts your business with Decent guidence and passion

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Freshsales explained in under 7 minutes

Freshsales delivers a 360-degree solution in one sales platform, so you can — Attract the right sale leads, Engage through multiple touchpoints, Close deals faster, & Nurture valuable relationships.

Does my business need CRM?

Wondering if—and how—a CRM could benefit your small business. Get our helpful guide to understanding the benefits of customer relationship management software and services.

How do you choose a CRM system that’s right for you?

While CRM systems come in many shapes and sizes, they all have essentially the same aim – to help you collect, organise & understand vital information about existing and would-be customers so you can do more & better business with them. So how to know if Freshsales CRM is right for you.

Prioritise your system requirements that match your business needs will help you short list the right CRM system. Working with an IT partner can help you understand how a CRM can be best used and what Freshworks products and Freshsales CRM features will give you the greatest benefits.

While it’s important to have CRM tools that works for your business right now, you’ll also need to consider how a system will work for you as you grow or demand more from it. Freshworks does offer integration with hundreds of popular third-party business apps. That integration doesn’t require much if not any development.

You’ll need a CRM system that’s easy for you and your staff to use. Generally speaking overly complex systems take longer to learn and are harder to work with. Freshsales looks nice and is easy to use.

Choosing the right CRM system doesn’t always mean, choosing the best software. It also means working with the right IT delivery partner and looking at the onboarding support and going support. Freshworks does offer online support. And if you need more hands-on advice then Dynamics Tech can help you.

Out of the box, you do need a CRM system that can be customised to suit your business needs. For a small business, Freshsales does allow you to have customisable data fields and defined business processes. It’s possible to gain more functionally by integrating Freshsales with other Freshwork solutions.

For many smaller businesses, a cloud-based CRM solution will be the first pick, given the minimal capital outlay and upfront prices, as considerably as the greater flexibility to expand moving forward. Freshsales has a dedicated mobile application on iOS and Android so you can access your data whenever, wherever you need.

Many CRM software vendors offer a subscription-based pricing, though some may charge a flat monthly fee for a set number of users, then require you to pay extra for additional services, features and users. Always bear in mind additional cost for possible additional onboarding, more advanced customisation, and ongoing development that may or may not be required now or later. Freshsales has four packages that will suit the need of all businesses.

Measuring the ROI of a CRM system can be difficult without any historical data. To measure CRM ROI, you require to bring into account the price of the software, training costs, upkeep costs, costs to migrate the system, and the time it takes your development team to capture it up and to extend. If the CRM system can help improve productivity of your team, you use the system to help nurture prospects into customers, enabling you to serve more with less people-power, and you can bring down your customer churn, than any CRM system that does that for you will deliver an solid ROI.

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