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Cybersecurity protection solutions with Bitdefender for your small business security needs

You’re never too small to be attacked by cyber-criminals. In fact, you’re just more vulnerable. Keep your small business safe with Bitdefender Gravityzone against sophisticated cyber-threats with unified prevention, detection, response & hardening platform across endpoints, networks, and clouds.

Combined Antivirus/Antimalware

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Bitdefender is a completely easy-to-use cybersecurity suite that mitigates breaches, simplifies deployments & cuts costs. It blocks newly advanced threats while reducing the rate of false positives.

Advanced Anti-Exploit virus

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Bitdefender quickly responds to 0-day attacks and catches known and unknown exploits by focusing on attack techniques.

Continuous Process Monitoring

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Bitdefender Process Inspector monitors running processes for malicious behaviour in real-time. You’ll have round-the-clock best protection that automatically detects advanced attacks and malware.

Content Control

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Schedule or configure this control to block URLs by category using an allow/block exclusions table. Gain access to the management console for your configuration needs.

Device Control

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Choose which devices & device types can run and which will be blocked or scanned automatically.

Bitdefender Antivirus is Available For:

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Windows, Linux, and Apple

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Bitdefender small business security

Powerful IT Security for Small Businesses

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Powerful but light

Proven to have the lowest system impact, Bitdefender always scores best for independent tests' protection and performance.

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One suite to do it all

Bitdefender is both antivirus and antimalware, so you only need one cybersecurity solution. You can further enhance its powerful base functions with add-ons.

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Easy deployment

No security server needed. Bitdefender automatically uninstalls competing endpoint protection security solutions and provides a mass-remote deployment mechanism for fast and straightforward rollout.

The perfect solution for peace of mind

New data breaches surged by 424% last year, fuelled by hackers targeting more small businesses. Bitdefender Gravityzone small office security gives peace of mind that data and devices are protected.

Small businesses are just as at risk from cybersecurity threats as large enterprises. The most popular small-business cybersecurity measures include limiting employee access to user data (46%), data encryption (44%), requiring strong user passwords (34%) and training employees on data safety and best practises (34%). Get started with Bitdefender Small Business Security today.

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Track all security events in your business

Reports and alerts help you be on top of business security events.

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Avoid data lose and confidential information

Block hackers from trying to steal sensitive records and employee information.

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Enhance business productivity

Control employee access to specific websites and applications.

Antivirus for small business
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We don’t compromise with the best small business IT security

Get a business security solution that blocks cyber-attacks better than any other! Bitdefender consistently ranks first in major independent security tests.

Consistently #1

Bitdefender always scores best on independent tests because it consistently blocks the most sophisticated anti-ransomware and zero-day threats. No solution catches more threats and has fewer false positives than Bitdefender!

Compare Bitdefender to other solutions

Out of 15 other leading security solutions, Bitdefender scores the highest for false positives.

Security Foundation Assessment

Get a free Security Foundation Assessment, see where you might be vulnerable, and get recommended solutions to improve your security.

Why choose Bitdefender for your small business

Bitdefender blocks the most sophisticated ransomware and 0-day threats without headaches. No solution is more reliable, more accurate, or has a lower resource footprint than Bitdefender!

Network Attack Defense

Get a new level of real-world protection against attacks aimed at gaining access to the system by exploiting network vulnerabilities.

Layered Protection For Your Endpoints

Your desktops, laptops and servers are protected with layered security: machine learning, heuristics, signatures, memory protection and continuous monitoring of running processes, malware blocking, disinfecting, quarantine and rollback.

Web-based Security - No Need for Hardware

There will be no need for dedicated servers or more IT staff.

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Advanced Application Behaviour Monitoring

Bitdefender’s Process Inspector permanently monitors running processes for signs of malicious behaviour.

Protection integrated with Endpoint Risk Management

Effectively identifying, assessing, and remediating endpoint security weaknesses is pivotal in running a healthy security programme & reducing organisational risk.

AI And Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & machine learning are essential to combat a threat landscape that is larger & more sophisticated than ever.

Largest Security Intelligence Cloud

With over 500 million machines protected, the Bitdefender Global Protective Network performs 11 billion queries per day.


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