Facebook Ad Management Services for Small Businesses

We manage your Facebook Ad account as a service that helps reach & gain new customers.

We have invested in the latest Facebook Ad management tools, training, auditing, reporting & landing page software to give clients the best opportunity to gain traffic to your website, higher conversations, make their budget go further, gain more qualified leads, and giving them the edge for increasing brand awareness, reaching and gaining new clients.

Reach everyone,
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Facebook Ad Management Services
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Facebook advertising made easy

We are a Facebook Blueprint Certified and Facebook Ad management service company, so we can take over your new or existing Facebook Ad account and take care of every step of the process so you can focus on what matters, such as brand awareness, gaining new followers, increasing website traffic, increasing engagement, boosting video views, lead generation and sales.

Show your Ads across the whole Facebook Ad Network

With 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook Ad Networks enables us to put your small business in front of a huge target audience across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network.

Create a winning digital marketing strategy

Before creating any campaigns, we will work with you to develop the right PPC strategy for your business goals, aspirations and daily budget to grow your small business.

Why do Facebook Ads matter?

Suppose you want to improve your chances of gaining more awareness, leads & sales, then using Facebook Ads matters. Here’s why:

94 per cent

Facebook's Ad revenue is from mobile

A massive 94% of Facebook's Ad revenue comes from mobile. This information should remind us how important it is to optimise all Ad content to be as mobile-friendly as possible.

8 per cent

Facebook has 2.41 billion monthly active users

That’s an increase of 8% year-over-year from 2018. There’s no other platform that offers this kind of reach, and this one stat shows the importance of integrating Facebook Ads services into your marketing strategy.

74 per cent

Get your Ads

74% of Facebook users log in daily, and more than half (51%) use Facebook several times a day, which gives you a higher chance of getting your ads seen.

33 per cent

Ad impressions, clicks and Ad prices

In summary, the average price for an ad has decreased by 4% in Q2 2019, which means you get slightly more for your Ad spend, while also ad impressions have increased by 33%, meaning you also get more eyes on your Ads. The average user will click on 11 ads per month.

The importance of Facebook Ads

It’s all about ‘Audiences’. Paid Facebook Ads are important for businesses because they allow you to target a specific audience. Facebook claims they are 89% accurate for targeted Ad campaigns.

the importance of google ads or Facebook ads as social media marketing campaign management for leads and sales

Want a Free Facebook Ads Management Quote and Audit?

Let us provide a quote for how our Facebook Ad Management services work.

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Our core Facebook Ad management services

Increase profits and capitalise on new opportunities with our Facebook Ads management by working with a small business Facebook Ads Agency. Here is our Facebook advertising campaign marketing service:

Web design assessment, Pay Per Click management and Google My Business audit icon. Also used for google ads campaign audit, Local SEO audit

Planning & Research

Every successful Facebook marketing and social media Ad campaign starts with planning and research. We can chat about your business goals, customers, budget, campaign goals, and Ad expectations. Only then can you determine the issues and where they need to be. We will research and develop an Ad strategy plan that can deliver the required results efficiently during the planning and research stage.

google ads campaign - Keyword research, target persona, customer or competitor Research for organic search

Account Setup & Ad Creation

If you don’t have an account, we’ll need to work with you to set up the Facebook Advertising Manager account and allow admin access to the right roles, admin permissions & responsibilities. For creating Ads, we handle all this for you. We’ll create different versions of each, creating ad copy variations (A/B/C) to back winners, and through evolution, reduce the ads cost per acquisition (CPA) while maximising the Ad goals.

Google ads management

Campaign Setup & Audience

Create custom Facebook audiences based on your customer personas. Other options include importing existing customers, creating lookalike audiences, re-targeting people who have already been to your site, and tracking how people behave on it. Location-Based Targeting’s like Facebook Ad Leicester, Ad Scheduling, Optimisation, Post-Click Landing Page Optimisation (if needed), Lead Generation resources (if needed), and ads manager reports (actual performance metrics).

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Campaign Management​

We regularly maintain your social media marketing campaigns for maximum profitability, and ensure campaigns are optimised wherever possible. This includes campaign building, re-optimising ads, copy and images, budget management, as well as routine optimisation. We’re continually making improvements and looking to improve the campaigns we’re working on.

Google Ads monthly campaign management

Monthly Campaign Management

We will do Performance Monitoring, Per Click Performance Reporting, In-Depth Analysis, Conversion/Tracking Optimisation, Budget Maintenance, and Ad Spend for investment return. Pause of Low Performers, Leads and Sales Generation, Quality Score Improvements, Ad Remarketing (if required) with Google Ad management services and more.

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General Account & Campaign Support

Our social media Facebook ad service support will include Dedicated Campaign Manager, Weekday and Weekend Support (within reason), Phone, Email, Video and Text Availability, On-site Training and Consultancy (ad-hoc payment required).

New to Facebook advertising or not sure where to start?

If you don’t already have a Facebook Ads Manager account for your business, maybe not even a Facebook Business page or are unsure where to start with online advertising, Dynamics Tech digital marketing agency can help. We are digital marketing specialists here to help you get the most out of your advertising budget. Contact us to get started.

Facebook ad services

Most Frequent Questions About Facebook Ads

Below are answers to the most often asked questions about Facebook advertising and ad management services.

For starters, Facebook Advertising isn’t just for large companies. In fact, it is perfect for smaller companies that want to gain new customers.


Working with a Facebook advertising agency like Dynamics Tech is an excellent option if you’re looking to:


  • Grow brand awareness
  • Save time on marketing your business
  • Get advice on growing your small business from Facebook advertising experts
  • Compete with competitors
  • Optimise ad clicks, ad spend, and improve conversions
  • Create successful advertising campaigns

Here at Dynamics Tech, we have a campaign setup cost, which could include an additional cost for setting up your Facebook ad account, as not every business has one. We will then charge 15% – 20% on your ad spend per campaign.

Facebook has a huge reach in targeting the ideal customer, which is why it is so important. Facebook claims they are 89% accurate in targeted campaigns.


With more than 2 billion monthly active users, you can target custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and website visitors. Why wouldn’t you want to use it?

Yes, they absolutely work. But it helps if you have a product, service or helpful information that people do want… You can’t sell snow to Eskimos, but you could use Facebook Ads to sell them snow ploughs.


Facebook Ads and Google Ads are pretty different in the way they target potential customers. Generally speaking, Google Ads are used when people are specifically searching for something or on a website that displays targeted ads based on the user’s search behaviours. Facebook Ads do include search behaviour, and you can be a lot more targeted.


Your ads can appear in people’s news feeds, as well as their Facebook pages, Facebook Messenger apps, news stories, and Instagram feeds.


Thankfully, we offer both ad management services and work with your small business to run ads on both networks, including Microsoft or just one, depending on your needs.


For the best results, Dynamics Tech provides ad advertising services using Facebook ad services and Google.


It is unlikely, but Thomas Andrews, the chief naval architect who built the RMS Titanic, never thought his boat would sink. 


I think it’s fair to say Facebook is so large and has so much power and control that the only way Facebook will die is if the US Government and other countries break Facebook up. However, at the end of the day, Facebook is an advertising company, and if everyone stopped using their services, yes, this could contribute to the end of Facebook. 

Yes, they are. According to WordStream, the average conversion rate for Facebook ads across all industries is 9.21%.


Although financial advertisers have the highest CPCs (Cost Per Click) on Facebook at £2.67 per click, advertisers may still be pleased with this CPC on Facebook. The terms “Insurance,” “Loans”, and “Mortgage” are Google’s three most expensive keywords, each costing about £35 per click.


The cheapest CPC on Facebook are reserved for the apparel industry (£0.31 per click), travel and hospitality (£0.45) and other retailers (£0.49), with clicks well below a pound. These industries often have the largest audience, so even at these low CPCs, it’s vital to understand how to manage your ad budget so that your Facebook costs go over what you can afford.


Our Facebook ad services and Facebook ad experts will help you define your budget and manage your advertising spend. Please speak to our Ads manager today.


We don’t know the actual number of businesses that use Facebook for Advertising. Still, we did learn in 2020; Facebook said they had 10 million active advertisers using their social networking platform to promote products and services, up from seven million advertisers the previous year.

Yes, they are. You only have to look at the amount of money spent on Facebook Advertising to know that their platform’s ads are effective.


The average cost per action (CPA) for Facebook ads across all industries is £13.24.


Facebook advertising has taken off because it offers plenty of opportunity for advertisers of nearly all industries to reach their target audience.


Not any old ads will work. You will need eye-catching ads with great ad copy to ensure you target the right audience at the right time.


Have MORE questions?

Please contact us if you have any further questions, and we will be happy to help.