CRM System for Small Business UK

We provide CRM systems and services for UK small businesses

A CRM system helps organisations build customer relationships & streamline processes, so they can help with marketing, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

Build & Manage Relationships

Keep track of the different conversations, know the contact history, deliver more personal experiences & saving time. Names or emails start out as leads, then prospects, sales opportunities, finally customers, or business associates.

Better Customer Experiences

Be more organised with your customer information all in one place. Which can lead to improved customer experience & increased customer retention? CRM is much more than contact management software for small business.

Increase in Sales

Feel in control of your sales as you tailor your pipeline to match your sales and marketing processes and easily spot the deals requiring attention & those about to land. CRM will help you manage relationships with leads, prospects & opportunities.

Streamline Processes

If your business is already processed driven, then the right CRM system will replicate those processes. If you're new to the idea, then CRM enables companies to define and standardise your small business processes, which everyone can follow and use to succeed, including closing deals faster.

Business Reporting

A CRM system will typically include in-depth reporting features. You'll identify trends, pipelines, and sales reps’ forecasts, observe the impact of your operational changes, understand precisely where customers faced issues. And measure metrics in real-time that matter for your small business.

Integrate & Connect Solutions Together

Many CRM work seamlessly out the box or with custom development with hundreds of popular applications like Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 356), G Suite, Mailchimp, Zapier, Xero, Sage Line 50, Freshbooks and many more. With the right CRM, your apps can work better together.

Why does CRM matter for businesses?

The CRM industry remains to grow at an astounding rate, and each year new statistics report the trends. When looking at the statistics around CRM usage and its benefits, it’s difficult to dispute the importance of CRM—particularly for small businesses.

91 per cent

CRM is becoming a necessity

According to CRM Magazine, 91% of businesses with ten or more employees now use CRM software. 50% of companies with less than ten employees also adopted CRM to manage sales leads and your sales pipeline.

600 per cent

CRM industry

Since 2010, the CRM industry has increased its assets by 600%. By 2025, it’s anticipated to reach an astonishing $80 billion in revenue. These numbers make the CRM market the fastest growing software market in the world, and for good reasons.

34 per cent

Increase sales performance

Businesses that incorporated CRM into their work reported a 34% increase in sales productivity (Salesforce). Companies that use CRM successfully have improved sales by 29%, and ad sharpens sales forecast accuracy by 42%.

300 per cent

Conversion rates can rise

Proper CRM implementation can lead to an upsurge in conversion rates of up to 300%.

65 per cent

The rise of mobile CRM

Research shows that, on average, 65% of salespeople who implement mobile CRM meet their sales quotas. Only 22% of salespeople who don’t leverage mobile CRM meet their targets.

14 per cent

Data accessibility

Because CRM software significantly improves data accessibility and data analysis, sales reps at companies using cloud-based CRM can cut their sales cycles by 8 to 14%. (Source: Nucleus Research).

65 per cent

Ease of use

A recent study reported that 65% of CRM users consider ease of use to be the most important prerequisite when selecting a CRM solution. (Source: Inside CRM).

75 per cent

Lead nurturing

75% of businesses don't have a defined and functioning process for lead nurturing. (Source: Cloudswave). A solid CRM solution can streamline loads of lead nurturing tactics.

CRM system for small business UK services

Dynamics Tech offers various CRM consultancy services and workshops designed to help you get the most from CRM at any stage of your project. Whether it’s selecting an inexpensive CRM software for small business, setting up free trials, working out what a new CRM system cost, choosing the best CRM software for small business, preparing for a CRM implementation, tuning-up your existing CRM or considering a change.

CRM consultation

Our project owners work closely with the main stakeholders of your team to collaborate around the product concept, architecture & requirements. We can also help you choose the right CRM software.

CRM customisation

Everyone's business is different, so why not your CRM system. We provide basic to advance customisation of the platform, including possible integration with other solutions.

CRM onboarding & success

Our customer onboarding process is to help better understand you and your company and prepare your users on how to use CRM for ongoing success with an easy learning curve.

CRM training & support

Our team builds long-lasting relationships with the small businesses we work with. It means you may have constant product support after launch, just in case you need any customer support help in maintenance, training or scaling your product.

CRM system for small business UK

Does my business need CRM?

Wondering if—and how—a CRM could benefit your small business. Get our helpful guide to understanding the benefits of customer relationship management software and services.

    Product-agnostic CRM systems

    We partner or affiliate with selected CRM companies and take a product-agnostic approach to help you choose the right CRM System for Small Business UK and provide ongoing services and support. Click a product below to learn more.