Capsule CRM for Small Business Owners

Easy to use, low cost CRM for small business owners looking to be better organised, improve customer relationships and manage sales.

Capsule CRM for Small Business

Capsule CRM for small business helps keep you organised

Keep track of tasks, appointments, calls, organising your contacts, and allocate them to different people in your team. Record notes, track email conversations, proposals, contracts and any other relevant information you wish to store.

Build strong, loyal customer relationships

Create more personalised experiences, offer tailored solutions & show empathy more easily when all your customer information is in Capsule CRM. This all has a positive impact on your relationship with your customers and It helps you look after them.

Manage your sales pipeline effectively

A sales pipe is a window into your future deals. Once you have visibility of your sales opportunities, you & your team are more probable to reach your revenue targets and better your bottom line. Capsule CRM enables clearly defined stages of your sales process.

About Capsule CRM and our verdict

It's low cost, very easy-to-use software that allows its users to track both customer relationships and sales pipelines.

There’s a lot to like about Capsule CRM, and we’ve currently using it ourselves. Capsule is a UK-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform which is suitable for new and small size businesses with contacts from 0-250, up to 200,000. It’s a pay as you go service, cancel anytime, with four different plans to suit your business size and needs. Pricing starts at £0 for 2 users with limited functionality, up to £48 p/m for everything with a minimum of 20 User Licenses.


Is Capsule the right CRM for your small business?

Before you start any free trial, be clear about what your business needs.

Dynamics Tech can help you decide and choose the right CRM system for your small business needs. We can work with you before and during the trial period. If, however you’re keen to get started, then you can start your free trial with Capsule CRM for small business by clicking the affiliate button below to get started and contact us if you need more assistance.

CRM customisation


Capsule CRM includes two features that helps small businesses save time using automation. Tracks help you create smart workflows & Integrations connects with hundreds of different third-party software apps.


Prepare for growth

When choosing the right CRM system, you must also factor in the future. Can Capsule grow with the business, will its development and technology be obsolete?

Build and Manage Relationships-50

More than just a sales tool

The best CRMs for small businesses will do more than just improve sales. Capsule can help support customer service, marketing, business intelligence and more.

Capsule - Visual sales pipeline

A quick introduction to Capsule’s new sales pipeline view and how you can use it to manage & keep track of sales opportunities in your account.

Does my business need CRM?

Wondering if—and how—a CRM could benefit your small business. Get our helpful guide to understanding the benefits of customer relationship management software and services.

    How do you choose a CRM system that’s right for you?

    While CRM systems come in many shapes and sizes, they all have essentially the same aim – to help you collect, organise & understand vital information about existing and would-be customers so you can do more & better business with them. So how to know if Capsule CRM for small business is right for you and what Capsule CRM benefits there are.

    Prioritise your system requirements that match your business needs will help you short list the right CRM system. Working with an IT partner can help you understand how a CRM can be best used and what features in Capsule will give you the greatest benefits.
    While it’s important to have CRM tools that works for your business right now, you’ll also need to consider how a system will work for you as you grow or demand more from it. Capsule does offer integration with hundreds of popular third-party business apps. That integration doesn’t require much if not any development.

    You’ll need a CRM system that’s easy for you and your staff to use. Generally speaking overly complex systems take longer to learn and are harder to work with. Capsule looks nice and is easy to use. There is a Capsule CRM app so the solution offers mobile CRM functionality, which helps usability and accessibility.

    Choosing the right CRM system doesn’t always mean, choosing the best software. It also means working with the right IT delivery partner and looking at the onboarding support and going support. Capsule does offer online support. And if you need more hands-on advice then Dynamics Tech can help you.
    Out of the box, you do need a CRM system that can be customised to suit your business needs. For a small business, Capsule does allow you to have customisable data fields and defined business processes. It’s possible to gain more functionally by integrating Capsule with other solutions.
    For many smaller businesses, a cloud-based CRM solution will be the first pick, given the minimal capital outlay and upfront prices, as considerably as the greater flexibility to expand moving forward. Capsule includes a mobile app so you can access your data whenever, wherever you need.

    Many CRM software vendors offer a subscription-based pricing, though some may charge a flat monthly fee for a set number of users, then require you to pay extra for additional services, features and users. The cost of capsule crm is pretty inexpensive, but  always bear in mind additional cost for possible additional onboarding, more advanced customisation, and ongoing development that may or may not be required now or later. Capsule has four packages that will suit the need of most small businesses.

    Measuring the ROI of a CRM system can be difficult without any historical data. To measure CRM ROI, you require to bring into account the price of the software, training costs, upkeep costs, costs to migrate the system, and the time it takes your development team to capture it up and to extend. If the CRM system can help improve productivity of your team, you use the system to help nurture prospects into customers, enabling you to serve more with less people-power, and you can bring down your customer churn, than any CRM system that does that for you will deliver an solid ROI.

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