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We're a forward-thinking solution and services company
passionate about small business success.
We're a forward-thinking solution and services company passionate about small business success.
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How Dynamics Tech helps

As a small business owner, managing different hats is quite tricky to do. Focus on what you do best, and we’ll be your expert across everything else.

We increase your sales with strategies, technology, and digital marketing.

We operate as a strategic partner and become an extension of your team.

Supporting most if not all of your systems, services, and people.

We help you use the right business tools that can make or break how you succeed.

Expertise in diverse business verticals

Finding and selling to customers

Acquire new business or expand your existing customer base.


Help plan, promote, position and price your products and services.

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Business technology

Tackle your business problems with technology & expertise from us, our partners, or preferred suppliers.

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Supporting & advising

Work together, solve problems, and have your back when you might need it most.

Steps to working together

Let’s understand the issues you face and because the way people work and do business has changed.
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Understanding your issues

Understanding the problem is half of the solution and a problem shared and defined is half-solved. Let’s chat on the phone, on video, or meet if you're local to Leicestershire or a nearby county, ask questions & learn more about your business goals, aspirations, and issues to solve.

Proposing a solution

Let's get to the point. We’ll provide a proposal with the Scope of Work to resolve the issues discussed and defined, with costings, options, and our terms.

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Start & Complete the project

A lot of the work we do is project-based, and we use tools like Wrike, Microsoft Teams and others to help us manage the tasks, resources, time & communication with you.

Managing your expectations

Once the work is complete, that’s still only half the job. It's usually important that we help you make it work, monitor and track progress, performance, and investment returns. Whatever it is, we’ll like to make you happy, build that into a partnership and support you to succeed.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get asked by small business owners.

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimisation. Engaging in SEO – that is, using keywords and phrases on your website, in your content and so on – you are attempting to push your website higher up the rankings. The ultimate goal is to place your website on page 1, as most users rarely navigate beyond that page. This is known as SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages.


This is an organic way to grow your pages and websites. In other words, you don’t pay for SEO itself – apart from the costs of creating content, employees, etc. Paying for adverts is not organic.

Local SEO is a strategy to present your website to a local audience. Your main goal as a small business is to get your name in the “local pack”. Here is the list of business search results Google gives you when you search for a relevant keyword.


Local SEO for small businesses is vital.

Creating backlinks nowadays isn’t as easy as it once was. But it is still just as important. There are so many ways to create links, and here ate 7 ways you can earn more backlinks doing the work yourself.

  1. Create link round-up posts. Link roundup posts, which feature industry experts’ opinions, can generate a tonne of traffic, and for good reason. …
  2. Give interviews. …
  3. Guest Blogging. …
  4. Connect with clients. …
  5. Post case studies and industry statistics. …
  6. Monitor your competitors. …
  7. Connect with experts on Facebook groups.


Learn more here.

Google My Business is a free tool to promote your business profile & website on Google Search and Maps. With your Google My Business account, you can view & connect with your customers, publish updates to your business profile, & discover how customers interact with your business on Google.

Any business owner knows the sting of receiving a negative review. Whether the customer is honest, or the rating is fake/exaggerated, negative online reviews damage your company’s image. Ideally, you could prove which reviews are fake or exaggerated and have them removed, but this is not always the case.


Some reviews can be removed from the Internet in selected cases, but the better option is to collect positive reviews and build a steady customer communication. Like the one we provide, online reputation management systems help you respond to reviews promptly. You can better turn a negative review into a positive review with good customer service and otherwise address the situation from within.


The most important factor in negative reviews is that you should never react with emotions or defensive attitudes. If you can’t control your emotions regarding a review, do not respond to it until you have calmed down. As a small business owner, it’s still better to let a colleague or someone else respond with a different tone.