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Stay safe in the cloud with an easy security management add-on tool for Microsoft 365

Office Protect is an add-on to Microsoft 365, which increases your business cyber safety. The easy-to-use tool helps implement recommended security settings, threat prevention, monitoring & reporting and supplies an extra layer of defence against malicious attacks & unintentional breaches that are more complex to answer directly in Microsoft 365.

Cyber Security Management

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Easily set up best-practice security for Microsoft 365 and reduce vulnerabilities factors that can compromise your work.

Monitor & Threat Prevention

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24/7 monitoring of the activities within Microsoft 365. Automated event logs can send alerts or weekly digests.

Easy to Configure, Deploy & Administer

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Gets started with pre-defined Microsoft 365 security profile templates or create your own. Fine-tune the balance between security or connivance.

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Easy security management for Microsoft 365

Office Protect is a powerful add-on security application for Microsoft 365

Be cyber smart and safe with extra protection for Microsoft 365 using Office Protect, our easy security manager for Microsoft 365, and here’s why:

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45 per cent of malware is delivered via Office attachments for example, .doc, .xls, .ppt, etc. (Verizon).

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70 per cent of cyber-attacks Q4 2018 targeted Microsoft Office products (Kaspersky Labs).

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A massive 250 per cent increase in inbound emails that were phishing attempts 2018-2019 (Microsoft).

The perfect security environment for your Microsoft 365 success

Microsoft 365 is secure on its own, but no one is completely invulnerable in today’s digital landscape.

Due to its global popularity, Microsoft 365 (formally Office 365) systems and data are increasingly popular cyber-crime targets. Using Office Protect from Dynamics Tech makes Microsoft 365 and your business safer.


Partner with IT expert who are true enthusiasts with a no-quit attitude. They will not rest until the issue gets resolved. They work round the clock, 24/7/365!

Office Protect easy security management for Microsoft 365
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We don’t compromise with the best security add-on for Microsoft 365

Block email attachments known to be bad

Prevent users from making personal info public via calendar

Block mass exfiltration of company emails to external sources

Reduce account breaches by enabling Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Protect clients’ reputation with alerts for outbound spamming

Reduce human error by helping to improve users’ password habits

Security Foundation Assessment

Get a free Security Foundation Assessment, see where you might be vulnerable, and recommend solutions to improve your security.

Why choose Office Protect as your easy security management add-on for Microsoft 365

Your business can gain comprehensive security features that protect your business, your users, and your Microsoft 365 investment for a low cost.

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Secure Microsoft 365

Instantly deploy best practise security protection settings for all users. Get easy access to hard-to-reach advanced security settings and simplify Microsoft 365 security management with minimal effort.

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Monitoring & alerts

Quickly detect Microsoft 365 security health, issues & vulnerabilities. Get visibility on suspicious behaviour and Choose how you’re notified & what about with customised alerts.

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Threat protection

Manage security and safeguard against human error & attacks. Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) and flag suspicious email using company names & addresses.


Thorough reporting

User-friendly activity dashboard and reports for all Windows 10 users. Easily export data to .csv or .pdf. Automated reports so you never miss an alert or incident notification.


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