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Streamline your document approval workflows with e signature for small businesses and help with the setup process.

Get cloud-based signNow from Dynamics Tech. A fast, cost-effective, and easy eSigner solution where you can generate documents, negotiate contracts, accept payments, and create automated workflows. Work with Dynamics Tech to help implement the proper process with legally binding signatures.
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eSignature software

It's so easy to use and get signatures

Stop wasting time chasing for signatures or implementing a process with manual processes. Simply send and sign with signNow. It's easy to use, and you can get important documents signed, uploaded, filled in, and returned quickly. Recipients receive, review, and electronically sign the document.

Embed eSignatures without coding

With signNow, you can create eSignature requests, build workflows that fit your desired business process, and use them with your existing apps like Word, Excel, SharePoint, Google Workspace, Google Drive, Google Sheet, Dropbox, etc. Zapier and many more.

Your data is safe and secure with signNow digital signature software

signNow complies with industry-leading security standards defined in the US, Europe, and around the world to ensure your documents are signed, shared, and stored with multiple levels of protection. PCI DSS certified, 21 CFR Part 11, GDPR compliance, HIPAA compliance, and SOC 2 Type II Certified.

signNow can save you money and time

signNow solves business problems and accelerates the rate at which companies do business. With a global customer base, signNow saves millions of staff hours and enables them to focus on their core business while saving money. Get more done with signNow and start today.

Close deals faster

Using signNow, 15% of customers get their documents signed by a customer within 1 hour of sending, compared to traditional mail or signature in-person. signNow outperforms the conventional method. Many sales reps using signNow get customers signed in while speaking to them on the business phone. This shortens the sales cycle and reduces the payment cycle by a similar amount, so you get paid faster. signNow lessens the amount of friction for a signed document by making. It is like doing business, working anywhere, from any device. SignNow averages customer closing rates by over 5%. That’s a significant saving and lets you close more deals faster than ever before.

Maximise staff efficiency

Employees who spend a lot of time handling documents can use signNow for more productive work. A person-to-person sign up takes time and requires staff to visit the customer or the customer to visit you. With this COVID-19 pandemic, that’s not always possible. The entire signing process via email or fax is difficult to track, insecure, and does not involve a streamlined process. Using integration and tracking analytics, signNow determines where the document is and when it is signed and automatically reduces and processes it. Paper is expensive, prone to errors, and labour intensive. Use signNow to save 20 minutes to 3 hours per document. Easy to set up, does not require scheduling, is excellent for signers, tracks everything automatically, and speeds up the entire process.

Reduce unnecessary costs

In business, the document signing process has a cost. The most committed costs are paper, print, sending and storage. The cost is between 0.50p and £15. This excludes costs associated with any reason, replacing documents, errors, or other mistakes, or staffing costs involved. It’s not always possible to be a completely paperless office. Still, you can change all your signed documents to award-winning e-signature solution signNow, and reduce paper significantly. If your business posts or prints documents that need electronic signing, then signNow pays for itself instantly.

Avoid cosily errors

It’s often overlooked, but errors happen, and when they do, the cost associated with it doesn’t get counted. Still, it should, especially if you are considering your options to move to eSignatures. With signNow, there are fewer points of staff failure, and errors are reduced, as is the time to fix them. Saving staff time is a significant cost saving. Preventing them from making errors saves your business even more time and money.

Eliminate lost signed files

PricewaterhouseCoopers says the average office spends £14 to file each document, £86 to search for each misfiled document, loses one out of every 20 documents, and spends 25 hours recreating each lost document. Staff members spend 38 hours a year looking for lost documents. In addition to being painful, lost documents are also expensive. signNow makes it easy to find your signed documents in seconds. Never lose a document again. It is rarely considered how important it is to prove whether someone signed until they have a costly incident. It is easy to verify which version was signed and when.

In conclusion

The average first-year Return on Investment with signNow is 7Xs. Operations Director Andrew S, who works for a small business with less than 50 employees, said: “One of the best things about using signNow is its carbon footprint being so low that you don’t need to print off huge contracts to sign one page, it can all be done via web saving trees. Given the fact that it doesn’t waste so much paper, I feel a lot better about using signNow than I do about printing off endless bits of paper.”

Thousands of companies love signNow

Have you been searching for a reliable and effective paperless solution, i.e., electronic signature software platform, making it easier to sign and publish your documents?

With the new signNow tools, you can go completely digital while working on your online files. All you need to do is create a free signNow account and download your paper(s) to our utterly functional web editor. Forget scans and paper copies, or having to download unnecessary software onto your computer. All features are available from any computer or mobile device. signNow customers come with the highest level of safety. This is because it is safer to store your data on the signNow server than on the local drive of your Mac or PC!

Learn how to get documents signed now with signNow.

Download our free electronic signature solution eBook.
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Choose a signNow electronic signature software plan for your business

Create, gather, and sign business documents in seconds. There are two plans available. It all depends on your document signing and signing process needs.

Business Prem

£26/Per month, Per User

  • Send business contracts and documents for signature
  • Basic fields
  • Mobile app
  • Unlimited templates
  • Multiple languages
  • In-person signatures with 2+ signers
  • Set reminders & notifications
  • Audit trail and history
  • Kiosk mode
  • Cloud storage
  • Live Chat
  • Unlimited Teams
  • Personalised branding
  • Send in bulk
  • Document groups
  • Signing link invites


£44/Per month, Per User

  • Send documents and contracts for signing
  • Basic fields
  • Mobile app
  • Unlimited templates
  • Multiple languages
  • In-person signatures with 2+ signers
  • Set reminders & notifications
  • Audit trail and history
  • Kiosk mode
  • Cloud storage
  • Live Chat
  • Unlimited Teams
  • Personalised branding
  • Send in bulk
  • Document groups
  • Signing link invites
  • Conditional documents
  • Calculated fields
  • Conditional fields
  • Request Payments
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Signer attachments
  • Advanced authentication
  • Redirect after signing
  • Smart fields
  • Integrates with Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Teams, Salesforce and NetSuite

Annual options are available for signNow eSignature software and setup from Dynamics Tech as a professional add-on service. Please speak to us for details.

Collecting electronic signatures has never been easier.

Gathering signatures for your company’s documents doesn’t have to be complicated. signNow will help you gather legally binding signatures in just minutes instead of days.
Document process automation need to sign

Document generation

Create pre-filled documents from multiple data sources using the most potent online document generation engine.
Mobile web-forms

Mobile-first web forms

Drag-Drop assistant for creating interactive and powerful web forms.
sign automation progress for businesses

Automation in the documentation process.

Retrieve information, batch process millions of documents, and integrate your data into any recording system.
workflow electronic signature

Robotic process automation

With Robotic Process Automation without code, you can integrate your business processes into any system without one line of code.
Contract management not paper based

Contract management

Generate quotes, contracts and invoices while receiving payments, and follow up on the execution of the contract.

need to sign esign document generation

Contract negotiation

Pre-fill, generate from templates, comments, red lines, approvals and electronic signature contracts in one business automation platform without code.
Workflow automation solutions with custom branding for esignatures

Workflow automation

Easily deploy, automate and share the most challenging workflows.

Progress analytics

Advanced analytics

Create charts and reports based on any field in a document, data value, or action in your workspace.

Price and accept payments

Accept payments

Log in to the payment gateway and accept credit cards, ACH, and other payment options.

Start signing

The digital signature tool market is experiencing exponential growth worldwide, and for the right reasons. Digital signature solutions are becoming standard and are expected from customers. The international digital signatures market is currently valued at £2 billion. It is expected to grow to £10.1 billion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31% by 2026. signNow provides the ability to generate, authenticate, collect and issue digital signatures for documents on multiple devices regardless of your location, increasing the speed of your business and ultimately its performance. In addition, it helps increase communication and collaboration effectiveness, and improves productivity.


Looking to use signNow for your own business? Get started with Dynamics Tech by contacting us with questions or beginning with a free 30-day trial of the Enterprise signNow solution, saying goodbye to the annoying paperwork, and improving signed electronic document processes.

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