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Innovative & creative web design elements incorporated for every page.

Make your small business website your best salesperson.

Whether you’re looking for a simple brochure website or a more powerful lead-generation machine. Our small business web design sites look good, attract the right visitors, generate better-qualified leads, and will grow your business one conversion at a time.

Impress customers with a modern small business website design.

We make it fast & secure.

Showcases what you do best.

Small business web design UK that brings a smile to faces

It’s not just about making your small business website look cool. You need to look on-brand, work smoothly, get found, but must be technically sound, secure and maintained.

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Our approach

We always use a flexible approach to our process, as we understand that all clients' needs are different. Not one-size-fits-all. We have some small business web design packages, but mostly each proposal is tailored.

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Develop and build

So, the understanding and analysis are done, we've created a clear strategy. Let's get to work on the website's development, then it will be ready.

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Support, market and maintain

Once the site is live, our work doesn't stop there; it's merely just begun. As a small business web design agency, we cover more than just web design.

Small business web design solutions for company websites

Just starting or looking for a small business web designer to redo your existing site and create new? Dynamics Tech websites go beyond just pretty pictures and great designs. We build small business websites that make a difference in your small business growth.

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Small business web design one page website

Business start-ups

Great for building a basic online presence for your new small business.

Do you just need something simple to tell people what you’re doing? Our one-page websites are professional looking and perfect for displaying information about your company, the services you offer, a map, social media integration and your contact details.

Get your own domain
Mobile-optimized (mobile friendly)
Designed for every kind of small business

Web design for small businesses

Custom-built responsive web design for small business owners.

High-quality, tailor-made, but affordable website design for small businesses that need a professional, multi-page, search engine optimised, responsive (mobile-friendly) small business website. Get in touch.

WordPress Content Management System CMS.

Professional first-rate design theme.

Ongoing support, backup and reporting.

Super-fast and secure web hosting.

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Shopify ecommerce web design Cumbria

E-commerce shopping cart website design

Bringing your small business online to increase revenue.

E-commerce advanced features on your business website are the next step in transforming an offline store into an online store that extends your customer base, brand and sales far beyond what is currently within your reach.


A website with eCommerce capabilities opens a world of potential customers for you, unlike brick and mortar stores which are limited to local customers.


Our Shopify and WordPress eCommerce site designs and stores development services to facilitate movement from navigation to product collections through to purchasing. As with upscale retail, users want to explore individual products, then “put them in the shopping cart” and check them out without having to browse through a confusing store.

Move your small business online.

Switch to Shopify.

Sell everywhere.

Sample portfolio of work

A selection of some of our small business web design work.


Website Design


Website Design

Darcy Fitness

Website Design

Mobile Denture Repair

Website Design

Homme and Co

Website Design

Small business web services

At the heart of our small business is a commitment to providing a reliable and affordable range of small business website services tailored to our customers’ needs.

Most Frequent Questions

Below are answers to the most often asked questions about getting a new website for your small business.

Website design is the digital face of businesses. Websites are built to promote companies and sell their products and services. Everything from product offerings, navigation, and user experience must be considered when designing a new site. The options for web design tools and services are plentiful, and help create professional websites accessible to businesses who would otherwise need help building the site themselves.

There are many options to choose from when looking at web designs: WordPress, pre-built site templates, bespoke design, one-page, etc. When you hire a web design company to help you identify the correct type of design for your company, they will help nail down the plan. It comes down to your business goals, business aspirations, objectives, budgets, competitors, products and services, visitor interactions, solving problems, brand look, feel, and identity. Then there are the technical elements to factor in, as you will want to future proof your website, or at least make changes, learn how it works, and build it up. Once you understand your business and needs, Dynamics Tech will work with you to create the perfect website tailored to your small business needs.

GDRP stands for General Data Protection Regulation. With this, your website must follow EU guidelines for data collection, storage, use, transfer and deletion.


The EU GDPR is an EU regulation no longer applies to the United Kingdom.


However, if you are operating within the UK, you must comply with UK data protection laws.


Here at Dynamics Tech, we are not your legal representative or can provide you with legal advice on this matter. We can install one of the many free GDPR WordPress plugins, or we/you can purchase a GDPR plugin and set up the site so it is compliant. We can provide introductory text, but we’re not liable for any of your GDPR policies. If you currently run a business and have a website, you may already have policies and documents that we can view, review, and possibly transfer. Any additional GDPR work and time will be billed as per the project etc.

There are multiple stages in the web design process at Dynamics Tech.


Stage 1

First and foremost, we need to have an open and honest chat with you about your current business, your existing website if you have one, what you currently like and don’t like in a website, your competitors, current technology, marketing strategy, business issues you want to solve, your industry, your goals and budget etc.


As an example, here are three simple questions also to consider –


  1. Why do you need a new website?
  2. Why not do anything at all?
  3. Why would you want to work with us?


Stage 2 Proposal or Quotation – Sign off

Stage 3 Kick off. Design, Develop and Build

Stage 4 Test and launch

Stage 5 Support

Stage 6 Market and Maintain


Yes, and no. You might already have a web copy for the new site, but if your previous website wasn’t working so well, maybe the copy wasn’t good enough. If you want your website to be found by the search engines and rank, your copy must be excellent.


Here at Dynamics Tech, we don’t just build and design a website. We can provide a full suite of services, including new websites, copy and SEO services. Regarding photos, we do require excellent, high-quality professional images.


If you need help, we can either provide a professional corporate photography service for new photos, including virtual tour photography, or use high-quality stock images. There is a cost to all options.

We don’t build websites that cost less than £700, and this is for a simple, small business website.


Many people, including other web design agency firms, often undervalue a website build because there are many components required to complete the job properly.


Cost factors to consider including web hosting (we don’t use cheap, low-quality hosting in our projects because hosting is critical to website performance, including security and maintenance). the domain name or domain transfer. SSL. Website strategy, including research and competitor research. Business email, SEO strategy and implementation. Local SEO consideration. Content marketing strategy, web copy, photos, plugins, themes, bespoke customisation, lead generation, heat maps, integration, testing, backup, website support and maintenance. Google Analytics, Google Site console, keyword tracking, schema, and Google Tag Manager. And so on…


There are so many moving parts that need to come together to build a website. Many lost cost web design firms do not include the above work. Therefore, you might get a pretty-looking website, but it might not work as intended.

We can do as much or as little as you like and can afford. We don’t cut corners and would rather walk away from a lead with a low budget than meet the budget and deliver an inadequate website.

Yes. There are many options for building your own small business website.


With the knowledge of setting up a web server, you can deploy any content management system (CMS) to build your own small business website.


WordPress is the most popular content management system.


The issue you will have is the steep learning curve to learn how a CMS works, let alone the learning curve with web design, both front end and back-end development.


Often than not, as a DIY website-build project or using a site builder, you will miss out on core functionality that can make your website unique or customisable.


Many new easy-to-use CMS and design themes use drag-and-drop page builders, making new web pages easier and code-free. Knowing some basic web code will help with design style issues, such as HTML and CSS.


Here at Dynamics Tech, we have multiple build your own website solutions if you want to give it a go yourself.

Yes, we do indeed.


Customers gain bi-weekly website care reports, including details of any updates done, website backups, plus search engine results (keyword rankings), security tests, server uptime reports, and much more.


We are available 24/7 for all small business website support and hosting matters. We work with other technology companies who help us provide such support.


For more details, visit our WordPress support page.

The domain name is your website’s home address. If your website were like a house, a domain name would be that address on the mailbox.


If you don’t already have a domain name, you can register one and buy a domain here.


If you already have a domain name, you can either keep it where it is or transfer the domain to one of our Domain Name Servers (DNS). There might be a small one-off charge for some transfers.


By having your own domain, you can use this for your business email and other services.

As the name says, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website by appearing higher on organic search engine results.


Search engines like Google and Bing rank a website. As an SEO agency, we can help rank small business websites in search engine results to gain visitors.

In short, yes.


Your small business website is like your company’s front door when it comes to business and digital marketing. A website helps attract people searching for information to solve their problems or looking for products and services. Without a website, your business can’t be found in an online search. Social media is best used to support your business and website.


Look at social media as if it were your arms and legs. Your website is your body, Facebook is your left arm, Instagram is your right arm, LinkedIn is your left leg, and Pinterest is your right leg. There are many more social media platforms you can use. Still, the point is, your body isn’t complete without these other parts, and neither is your business’ digital marketing strategy.


If you are hoping to communicate with customers and gain new growth online, use Facebook Business, LinkedIn, or either Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, etc as your 4th social media platform, as well as a website.

Have MORE questions?

Please contact us if you have any further questions, and we will be happy to help.


Get the help you need every step of the way.

We’re an independent digital agency determined to create websites and provide digital marketing solutions & services that work for our clients.

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We're Passionate

Working with small-sized businesses and helping them grow through our small business web design services is exciting

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We're Friendly People

We're a small team, so you'll soon get to know everyone working on your project, but we think big. If we're not at our desks or with clients, then find ourselves keeping fit and running.

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We're not the cheapest, and we're certainly not the most expensive. The tools & technology services we use are generally the best and costly. We have clear costs & flexible payments for our design, build and support work.

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We don't take too many new clients on, and we very rarely lose clients over time. Most of them have been with us for years. We're pretty much round the clock with 24/7 support for some services.

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We've always used the very best technology and kept up to date with what's new and great, so we can pass on the latest services and tools for our clients to benefit from.

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Project Managed

We provide flexible solutions with the most effective website project management practices to meet your requirements on time.

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