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Would you like to increase sales, find new customers, or grow to find more customers? Is your niche competitive, or struggling to attract customers? Do you have technical SEO issues with your live Shopify store? Our Shopify SEO agency offers affordable SEO to Shopify eCommerce stores.

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Shopify SEO strategies

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Your Shopify store is dead without regular traffic that converts into sales.

SEO is a long-term digital marketing strategy designed to improve your search engine ranking and online presence, so your online store can compete online.

Ecommerce success is more than just having a beautiful Shopify website — you need a healthy amount of traffic to your online store. In a Statista survey, direct-to-site, email, and SEO were the leading traffic drivers.


So, if your Shopify store doesn’t attract the right traffic, or if competitors always outrank you in Google for the same or alternative products, then it’s time to change. Our Shopify Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) puts life into your eCommerce store to gain a competitive edge & gain potential customers.


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Our core Shopify SEO services for SMBs

Get your Shopify site found, rank higher in the search results, outrank your competitors’ products & gain more sales than before. Here’s the Shopify SEO marketing service work we do:

Web design assessment, Pay Per Click management and Google My Business audit icon. Also used for google ads campaign audit, Local SEO audit

Store & SEO Audit

We do site-wide audits, product audits, content audits and SEO audits for your Shopify store. Only then can you determine how it performs and identify areas where you can improve. You want this store to be as profitable as possible. That can only happen if we’re armed with the knowledge needed to make the store a roaring success.

Research with keyword phrases is really helpful information for businesses as digital marketing services and used in paid advertising

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

We’ll conduct keyword research to understand how your website works and what opportunities you’re missing. We’ll look at your competitors’ keyword opportunities to exploit and how they rank in Google and Bing. We’ll focus on finding new keywords for your SEO growth strategy.

Content design makes for a sucess experience and helps you get found using digital marketing agency with content marketing services.

Content Creation & Management

Even Shopify stores need content, a lot of content. Communicating with existing customers or educating and attracting new customers requires excellent content. We produce regular blog content and SEO optimised content marketing. We can create new pages, email marketing, & much more, all aligned to the SEO and growth strategy.

Web developer icon and used for technical SEO for Shopify

On-Page & Technical SEO

On-page Shopify SEO comprises optimising individual pages for the target keywords (products, company pages, blogs). Our technical SEO for Shopify fixes issues that affect your store’s performance, site structure, duplicate content, schema markups, and more.

Link building using search terms will ensure traffic and revenue. by SEO company.

Link Building

Backlinks are vital because they help with rankings and building authority. Our affordable Link Building services & Custom Outreach service is where we build high-quality backlinks from other websites back to your store, which is crucial for eCommerce growth.

Ideas, our next approach and strategies from our SEO consultants - search engine optimisation. and in PPC strategy with advertising campaigns that are award winning

SEO Strategy

Before starting an SEO campaign, many white hat Shopify SEO strategies before beginning an SEO campaign, depending on your Shopify eCommerce SEO needs, issues, and budget. We’ll develop a winning short & long-term strategy, which is the best way and right for you.

Reputation management SEO

Brand Reputation Management SEO

We help business owners increase sales, trust, and search engine rankings. We repair reputation damage caused by poor Shopify SEO services, competitor sabotage and online trolling, as well as negative, poor reviews. Get in touch if you need help restoring or maintaining your brand’s reputation.

Conversion rate optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We leverage analytics, user feedback, email marketing, and user on-page tracking to improve digital marketing spend, return on investment, lower bounce rate, and increase sales conversation rates. Your website’s UX is tuned, refined, and strengthened to encourage existing visitors to take action, checkout, or contact you.

Social media marketing SEO

Social Media Marketing, Selling & Strategy

Social media marketing and social selling are huge channels for Shopify and other eCommerce platforms. With our help, you can develop your strategy, deliver social media marketing, and integrate your store with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, so that you can sell more. Call us.

Want a Free Shopify SEO Audit?

As an independent Shopify SEO company, technology and digital marketing company, let’s send you an overview audit, then have a chat to understand more about your online business needs.

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Benefits of technical SEO for Shopify eCommerce businesses

SEO allows you to generate massive awareness online through keywords and topics related to your products. By generating awareness, you can get them to visit your Shopify site, engage, and start their ecommerce sales journey.

The #1 result in Google has an average of 3.8x more backlinks than positions #2-#10.
Search traffic to Shopify represents 25% of the total, of which 93% is organic and 7% from paid search.
The average Shopify conversion rate from organic traffic is 3.6% (source: Shopify.com).
Shopify SEO Expert

Most Frequent Questions

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about Shopify SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the practice of ranking a website on search engines to increase its content online visibility when users search relevant keywords and queries.

As you improve your site with various keywords, images, videos, and technical improvements. Then add more relevant web pages and topics, plus develop your supporting business entities (social media profiles, citations, backlinks, inbound links, GMB, brand awareness, trust, authority). You’ll see an increase in organic traffic the site receives. Organic search traffic is a term used to describe visitors from the search engines’ natural listings rather than paid ads.


Therefore, SEO is the work done to optimise the website, the content strategy and supporting entities to improve the site’s ranking capabilities to be found in the desired search type and with the right query.


Speak to our Shopify SEO experts if you have more questions.


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If you want organic traffic to your Shopify store, then yes. Unless you already have a strong customer database that can support sales.


Alternatively, you can run ads and afford to continue running PPC campaigns, or have a decent social media pipeline of buyers and influencers.


However, if your Shopify store needs to grow and find new customers, you may have a blog. Still, it’s not optimised to gain new organic traffic. It’s best to adopt SEO strategies and tactics to acquire new organic traffic for your store, which can turn into new customers, new social media fans, or help build your marketing database.


Search engine optimization offers a way to gain traffic without paying for each click if you use paid ads.


Suppose you’re able to rank your store at the top of the search engine for your target keywords and queries. In that case, you’ll benefit from a stream of organic traffic that won’t have click costs associated with it. In time, this can lower the cost per sale and increase your profit margins.


If you’re ignoring SEO, your competitors are gaining this traffic, and I bet you don’t enjoy giving money away to someone else? Most eCommerce business owners cannot ignore the importance of SEO.


No matter what type of business you run, whether you’re selling products or services online or are a global corporation, you need to pay attention to your SEO strategy.


Let our Shopify SEO experts give your site a once over with a free SEO audit. If search engines are not displaying your products at the end of the day, then SEO PPC will help increase traffic and sales.

Yes, it will, as long as you have an SEO strategy in place to optimise your blog posts. Otherwise, you could write a blog for no reason without gaining the results from your hard work.


For your blog to help your Shopify store grow, we first recommend conducting customer research and developing your target persona. This is classic content marketing. There is no point in writing unless you know whom you are writing for. This work takes time to develop and needs to be reviewed as you gather more data.


The second part is to do your keyword research and competitor research. It helps if you have keyword research tools that can help you because it takes time, and it is not as simple as you might expect.


You can create keyword content maps and topic clusters.


Then you assign each keyword with its search query intent – is it informational, navigational, transactional, or commercial?


Draw up a list of keywords that your target customers and the audience would use to find your store, products, category pages, services, and niche.


Some store owners do a fantastic job with their blog and provide actual value to grow their business. In contrast, many more online stores cannot grasp the core benefit of having a blog and not optimising their posts.


For example, we built a Shopify store for a vegan cheese company. This is a relatively new niche with few competitors. Yet, we found some great keywords with low competition during our keyword research.


Besides optimising every product, store sales and category page, we have built two blogs.


The first blog focused on vegan recipes so people could be inspired. Not only did we create vegan recipes that included the cheese we sold, but we also targeted high-traffic keywords that over time would yield high organic traffic.


The second blog we created for this store was more topic-focused covering, vegan issues and other people’s recipes.


With a proper SEO strategy, they can drive sales to the site.


Your blog’s focus isn’t always helping you sell your products but inspiring and delighting new and existing customers.


You should build your brand, company voice, authority, and trustworthiness for Google.


This will help build your email marketing list, communicate with your customers about sales offers and more interesting blogs.


Plus, if you choose suitable topics, you can cover much content on the subject, which means endless possibilities. By doing so, you will add more and more keywords to Google and Bing to the index. Therefore, you will gain more traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo, covering more keywords that will help you outrank the competition.


Blogging takes time; it is a long-term investment, but if you are serious about your eCommerce store, sell your products and services. If you have researched your niche, so you know what the end game possibilities are in sales, organic traffic and profit, blogging with SEO in mind is necessary.


Contact us for blogging and Shopify SEO strategy and consultancy 01530 440354.

That’s a good question. The correct answer would be either SEO or PPC method, as long as they deliver the business’s results.


For a Shopify store that uses ads, your metric will be ROAS – ROAS stands for a return on ad spend. This marketing metric measures the amount of revenue your business earns for each pound/dollar it spends on advertising. ROAS is practically the same as other metrics you’re probably familiar with for all intents and purposes: return on investment or ROI.


From a strategic perspective, PPC is quick and can return results instantly, as it can drive traffic directly to your product pages, unlike SEO work that can take months and months for rankings to improve.


It also depends on the keywords you are targeting. Cost-Per-Click is affordable. For SEO, the target keyword is a realistic target with a low competition rate or a big enough budget long-term commitment.


Current statistics show that conversation rates from SEO are higher than the conversion rate from PCC.


Average eCommerce conversion rates range from 3% to 4%, with 43% of eCommerce traffic coming from organic Google searches. This means it’s still essential to build your eCommerce site with SEO in mind.


For proper growth, we recommend you use both strategies to achieve the best results for the business.


To get started with improving traffic and sales, with either PPC, please speak to our Shopify PPC team. For all search optimisations, please let us know and call our next-level eCommerce SEO team.

The Shopify App Store provides SEO apps you can install yourself and get basic on-page SEO and off-page SEO work done.


There isn’t one app for Shopify that can be considered the best SEO app. However, there are many apps you can trial like:



Most of these apps are costly, ranging from £14/$20-£42/$60 a month.


It is important to know your site needs and whether you have any SEO knowledge or professional tools. Those with more SEO skills might benefit from more technical apps or use their knowledge.


Yet. You won’t need any SEO apps for Shopify if you hire a Shopify SEO company to do the work.


These apps are still restricted in terms of SEO.


It is wise to consider apps for Metadata editing in bulk. Having an app to help you edit metadata and Alt Tags helps.


We would also recommend using an Image Optimiser to compress the image files and improve the on-page speed.


However, please don’t rely entirely on these apps because it is wise to optimise your images before importing them into Shopify. This will give you the best result.


Call and speak to our Shopify SEO experts about your eCommerce SEO concerns today.

Well, SEO for Shopify is not hugely different from SEO for other websites. However, as an e-Commerce platform, Shopify does a few technical snags with SEO.


If it’s a live store with products, start with an audit.


Once you have done the audit, you can fix any issues.


The second stage would be to review your traffic & sales reports to understand what’s working, why, and maybe why not? You may or may not already have a Google Analytics or Google Search Console setup. Still, it’s recommended to use SEO tools like SEMrush, Arefs, Screaming Frog for your keyword research, competitor research, and some technical audits.


With the new data, you can analyse how the store works, learn more about the customers, and find the store. Look at your competitors and understand what works for them and what opportunities they might offer.


Focus on improving your blog. This can improve the rankings and Domain Authority of the site. This would include focusing on the content, making it better for SEO, and adding more content. Work out a backlink profile plan and acquire new backlinks to quickly improve the site’s authority. This will help speed up SEO work on individual product pages.


More often than not, it’s impossible to write enough content for product pages. A product page of 200-300 words will not rank well for Google unless supported with backlinks and internal links that drive traffic from the blog to the product page. One trick is to add accordions, which are drop-down boxes whereby you can hide content without being taken over the product page. Again, more often than not, these features are not present within either the free Shopify theme or on a few Premium themes. This work requires a Shopify developer to add drop-down boxes to add more content to rank the product pages.


Ensure your store is trustworthy and secure is crucial for your search visibility. Through several elements, including SSL certificates, social proofs, and affiliated associations or memberships, ideal customers & search engines can feel more comfortable that your Shopify store is secure.


Great content can be promoted through other external websites, increasing your credibility and authority in search engines and shoppers’ eyes. The higher the quality and relevant links you can achieve, the more reputable you will be.


Both shoppers and search engines love to see great content, whether articles and blogs, product descriptions, reviews, images or videos. Our SEO agency will develop content strategies to follow specific keywords to uncover all possibilities.


As search engines become more sophisticated in assessing websites, improving the shopping experience and increasing conversion rates are critical components of our SEO strategies. The longer you keep customers on your store browsing products, the more positive the effects will reap.


With our SEO team and expert-driven SEO for Shopify websites, we can support your business to move to the stage of your eCommerce growth.


Let’s get our SEO agency working and generating results. Call 01530 440354.

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