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Business Email Signature Management Software

Centrally create and manage email signatures via the cloud and add targeted marketing banners.

Dynamics Tech can provide Letsignit, a simple and powerful email signature management tool that helps both IT and Marketing departments tackle email signature standardisation and deployment in an easier and faster way. Works with Outlook & Microsoft 365, Azure Active Directory, G Suite Directory, Gmail & Google Workspace.

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Simple to use

Create professional-looking email signatures without being a designer, and deploy them throughout your company, no matter what email solution you use. All signatures can be individually configured if you wish.

Completely affordable

Get Letsignit Business features as part of our Dynamics Tech 365 bundle, or standalone for only £1.83 per user per month, or Letsignin starter for free. Dynamics Tech offers implementation setup and support if needed for non-bundled customers at a low fee.

Create marketing banners and get analytics

Your marketing team can drive web traffic, promote events, and positively impact the company's brand through targeted banners added to each email signature. Track email analytics and marketing campaigns.

Do things the right way with a proper company email signature solution to manage your email signatures.

Letsignit provides ready-made signature templates, the option to import your HTML code, and a drag-and-drop designer to go further in personalising your signatures. Cloud-based signature software that lets you create and centrally manage email signatures and disclaimers for all users. Add the company’s latest Twitter, branded Microsoft Teams link, and more!

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Perfectly integrated into Outlook & Microsoft 365

All employees automatically get a signature in all their emails. Regardless of the type of email client, they use Outlook (on Windows and Mac), Mobile devices & Outlook Online.

S Suite email signatures

Fully integrated into Google Workspace

All users automatically get a signature in all their Gmail emails from any device (computer, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.).

email signatures automation

Everything is automatic

Once you open the email, your signature will be automatically added and updated. The employee can visualise their signature before sending it. They can also benefit from different email signature designs and messages for reply/forward emails. Directory integration can pull contact information for every email.

professional email signature styled and branded

100% styled and branded to your liking

Create and manage company-wide corporate email signatures using the Letsignit designed templates, and personalise them with the easy-to-use drag & drop design editor with social media icons. For experts or greater control, you can import HTML style code. There is no limit to the number of signatures created for each employee.

email signatures with marketing campaigns

Email signature marketing

Place banners in your signatures to amplify your marketing. Through Letsignit programming, you can choose which marketing campaign to send, when, from any employee! You can then track your campaigns' performance with a dedicated analytics tool. Centrally managed web portal gives you access to your banners and analytics.

email signature generator and templates that save time and money

Save time, money, and resources

Letsignit assists IT teams by centralising managed email signatures on a user-friendly platform. With a platform this easy, another team (like marketing) could even take this out of the IT department's hands.

email signature software - signatures for office 365 with SSO

Get Single Sign-On

Letsignit uses the same password used with Microsoft 365 - a technique called SSO or “Single-Sign-On”. This password is automatically exchanged between the directory and Letsignit - for a "seamless SSO".

email signature manager with disclaimers

Legal statements

Stay compliant with legal regulations and directives like GDPR, CASL, the Companies Regulations, Business and Professions Code. Create and manage all professional email disclaimers and include legally required information in your business emails. Using Letsignit, you can deploy disclaimers to every employee's email, all from one centralised and easy-to-use platform.

office 365 email signature with teams integration

More effective communication

Integrated Microsoft Teams chat widgets into your signatures that help employees switch to Teams for instant chat.

Do more with your signature.

Letsignit is the go-to solution to create, attribute and manage all your employee email signatures and email marketing banners on one cloud-based platform.



The average office worker receives about 121 emails daily and sends 40 for business purposes. Make sure your company’s messages are branded, professional, and take advantage of them to market your website, events, offers and more.

Discover The Ultimate Guide to Email Signature Management on Microsoft 365

Learn more about Email Signature Management on Microsoft 365 with this free downloadable eBook.

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Choose a Letsignit plan for your business

We have two plans available, plus the option to include our Cloud+ bundle with Microsoft 365. It all depends on your business needs.


FREE/For up to 500 users

  • Generate signatures from customisable templates
  • Push signatures in Outlook for Windows and Mac
  • Push signatures on webmail for Outlook Online, Exchange and G Suite
  • Automatic synchronisation: Office 365, G Suite directories and Active Directory Local
  • Import user groups from Office 365 directory
  • Create customisable groups
  • Manage user and role
  • Create signatures with HTML code
  • Manage multiple brand logos
  • Hide & block users’ attributes
  • Compatible with Google Analytics
  • Image hosting
  • Help centre and live chat support
  • Telephone support
  • Available in different languages: EN, ES & FR


£1.85/Per User Per Month

All Starter features


  • Insert marketing banners
  • Insert legal disclaimers
  • Create signatures via Letsignit Designer™
  • Built-in performance statistics
  • Apply multiple signatures and campaigns for specific purposes
  • Use automatic signatures for the reply and forward
  • Synchronise and manage several directories


£32/Per Month

  • Same with Business, but also:
  • Microsoft 365
  • Online Backup
  • QuickHelp
  • Basic Setup and Ongoing Support
  • Office Protect

Letsignit customer feedback

Allied Global Marketing, with major customers like Netflix, Amazon and Disney, understands that consistency across all channels is crucial. As a result, they used a script to stamp their emails with trademark signatures. However, the management of their signatures remained a challenging task. They could not view their signatures before emailing and felt their signatures were not “fun.” The situation worsened when they migrated to Office 365 and lost their signature.



Brian Weir, Vice President of Marketing and Technical Services, was looking for a solution to address the company’s needs. He thought Letsignit was the winner. The solution unified signatures for 500 employees from a central, easy-to-use interface.

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