Microsoft Advertising UK Services

We manage your Microsoft Advertising UK account as a service which helps you gain new customers

We’ve invested in the latest Ads management tools, training, auditing, reporting & landing page software, to give clients the best opportunity of gaining traffic, higher conversations, making their budget go further, gaining more qualified leads than their competitors and giving them the edge when it comes to gaining new customers.

Expand your adverting, and get more for less.

Online advertising made easy

As a Ads management company, we will take over your new or existing Microsoft Advertising UK (formerly Bing Ads) account and handle every step of the process with the goal of gaining you new leads and sales.

Conversion-driven campaigns

Successful campaigns mean more leads and conversions that bring a return on your ad spend. Working in tandem with Google Ads we'll work hard to refine and improve the conversation rate so you get the right clicks, and a high conversation rate above average rates.

Microsoft Advertising UK monitoring & optimization services

Once your Ad campaigns start, we pay attention to detail to further optimise your account with a focus on conversions and lowering customer acquisition costs. Our Ads team handles everything for you to ensure that your Microsoft Advertising campaigns continually benefit the business while providing the best return possible for your advertising spend.

What is Microsoft Advertising?

Microsoft Advertising is a service that provides Pay-Per-Click advertising for businesses on both the Bing and Yahoo! search engines and the Microsoft Search Network which includes Windows 10,, Cortana, Edge and Office. Also includes exclusive publisher partnerships, extending to readers who visit AOL, Gumtree, InfoSpace and platforms such as Amazon and Apple and more. This accounts for 20.5% of the desktop search market in the UK.

Why Microsoft Advertising matters

If you want to improve your chances of promoting your product and services, gaining clicks, leads & sales then using Microsoft Ads matters. Here’s why:

Desktop search market

The Bing Network forms 34.7% of the US Desktop search and 21% of the UK desktop search markets.

Huge reach

With a single Bing ad, you can reach 162 million unique searchers using Microsoft Search Network & Yahoo sites, which amounts for 30% of total search engine share and over 6 billion searches a month. (Jan 2012)

Get clicks for your campaigns

Web searchers using Microsoft & Yahoo sites are expected to spend 21.5% more than the average searcher.

Lower price per click (CPC)

Since there are less advertisers using Microsoft Advertising, you can pay a lot less for a click on keywords compared to Google Ads (Formally AdWords). Therefore, you drive more leads, traffic and sales for much less money and the difference can be as high as 50%.

The importance of Microsoft Ads

Marketers are shifting their attention to refocus on what really counts: people. Intent of the user’s search and user profile data can be mixed to make a powerful match between a person’s needs & an advertiser’s offering to deliver better results. Powered by the Microsoft Graph & artificial intelligence (AI), the Microsoft Audience Network, helps creates new Microsoft Audience Ads which reach your ideal customer.


Remarketing, In-market Audiences, Custom Audiences, Product Audiences.

Customer profile

LinkedIn profile targeting includes company, industry and job fuction. Age and gender targeting.

Location and device

Location targeting and Device targeting.

Want a Free Microsoft Advertising Management Quote

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Our core Microsoft Ads management services

Increase profits and capitalise on new opportunities with online Ads management by working with a small business Microsoft Advertising Agency. Here’s our Microsoft Ad management services:

Ads Account
Audit & Business Review

If you already have a Microsoft Ads and/or a Google Ads Account, then we run a performance audit & look for improvements. Once done we can chat about your business goals, target customers, budget and Ad campaign expectations. Only then can you determine the issues and where you need to be.

Research, Competitor Analysis & Account Setup

Research is the starting point, including the Ad strategy, customer demand and keyword planning, competitor intelligence, your USP and irresistible offers, then create compelling Ads, landing pages, then we’re set all the campaign parameters, settings & conversion tracking up as per your business needs.

Campaign Management & Ad Optimization

We regularly manage your campaigns for maximum profitability, ensure campaigns are optimised wherever possible. This includes campaign building, re-optimising ads and copy, bid management as well as daily routine optimisation. We’re be continually making improvements and constantly look to improve the campaigns we’re working.


Would include Keyword Research, Ultimate Keywords, Unlimied Ads, Negative keywords, Competitive Analysis, Adgroup Setup, Exstentions, Ad Copy and Optimization, Location Based Targeting, Ad Scheduling, Regular Bid Adjustments and Optimisation, Post-Click Landing Page Optimization, Reports and more.

Monthly Campaign Management

We would do Performance Monitoring, Performance Reporting, In-Depth Campaign Analsis, Conversion/Tracking Optimization, Budget and Bid Maintenance. Pause of Low Performers, Keywords and Ad Expansion, Quality Score & CTR Growth, Ad Remarketing (if required)  Facebook Ad & Google Ads management service and more.

General Account & Campaign Support

Our Microsoft Ad managament service support would include Dedicated Campaign Manager, Weekday and Weekend Support (within reason), Phone, Email, Video and Text Availability, On-site Training or Consultancy (Ad-hoc payment required).

New to Microsoft Ads or not sure where to start?

If you don’t already have a Microsoft Advertising Account for your business, don’t have a Microsoft account or are simply not sure where to start with online advertising, we can help. We are online Ads specialists here to help and make sure you are getting the most out of your Ad budget.