Free Local SEO Report

Find out how well your small business performs on Google Maps and Local Search.

If you own a local business providing products or services, then you need to be visible to potential customers online who are searching on Google Maps, Search, Mobile, Google My Business, Bing and Bing Local.

Know your competition

Our free local SEO report gives you an easy-to-understand report of how your business compares to the local competition. Find out which local companies rank in the local pack and where your business is comparable.

View your website and GMB business profile rankings

We report on your rankings in the two largest search engines (Google and Bing) within their local offerings (Google Maps, Google My Business, and Bing Local).

Learn more about each ranking factor

We explain each local search engine optimisation (SEO) factor throughout the high-quality report. As a local SEO digital agency, Dynamics Tech can provide ongoing support and advice as well as local SEO services, develop the local marketing strategy and provide quick local SEO fixes.

What's included in your free local SEO report?

Upon completion of the form above, you will receive your personalised free local SEO Audit Report. You can use the report to learn how your business is performing online. Then take action to grow your small business using Local SEO services. Explore our Google My Business reporting tool.

Local SEO Report Summary

We use a unique formula to calculate a local SEO score for each section and convert this into an easy-to-read summary score of 'Good', 'OK' and 'Poor', so you can see what needs your attention.

Links & Website Authority

Provides a breakdown of external web links to your website and their value, contributing to your Domain Authority. This search engine ranking score predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages. These indicators play a big part in how high your business ranks in search engine results.

Search Rankings

Our Local SEO Audit Report examines the critical organic ranking factors that affect your ability to rank on those search engines, including Google My Business (GMB). You'll gain a clear picture of how your business ranks for important keywords, and you’ll see where you rank in local searches. The free local SEO audit looks for your website/business name. It then shows you the position you appear in—understanding where you can focus your future local SEO strategy.

Local Business Listings

For local businesses, their NAP address & contact information must be correct and consistent across the web (Name, address and phone number). Citation business directories like Yell, Thomson Local, Independent.com, Yahoo! Local and Cylex provide reliable information to Google and Bing about your business. These citations can be a direct source of new customers. They can still boost your local ranking within Google and Bing local search results. Citations help establish trust with Google.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

We'll showcase your most recent customer reviews from the most influential online review sites including Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Booking.com, Yell and many more within the free local SEO audit report. We'll report back on your total reviews, Avg—rating and score for each online review site and compare them to reviews of your rival competitor businesses. Gaining positive reviews and managing your online reputation aren't just important; it's critical for any business, let alone a small business. Google and Bing see reviews as a confident ranking signal for local SEO. Gaining five-star reviews show your brand can be trusted.

Google My Business Report

GMB is essential for any local business. Use the portal to update your company profile for organic search results and Google Maps listings on both desktop and mobile devices. Our local SEO analysis tool creates a Google My Business audit performance report that tracks the number of critical ranking factors and benchmarks of your website against the top 10 ranked businesses in your area. GMB is a significant digital marketing opportunity for local companies - getting your Google My Business profile accurate, up-to-date and optimised is critical to attracting new, local customers. Using this GMB audit tool is a brilliant start.

On-Site SEO Report

Technically, the On-Site SEO Report isn't part of this free local SEO audit because it takes an extra 3-5 minutes to generate. If you would like a report that summarises the pages that we audit on your site (max 200 pages), then reach out and ask. On-site SEO factors are the foundations of your website that search engines use to understand your site and the pages to index it. Use the report findings to find out where traffic comes from and improve ranking factors on your site because you have control over it. Suppose you don't know anything about the above or how on-page SEO works. In that case, we can help provide on-page SEO services for small businesses.

Social Channels

This local audit report examines your use of and popularity across social media. The audit will look for your Facebook Business Page and Twitter account. We report on the number of Likes and Followers you have and include the number of Visitors you gain for these channels. It's essential to 'socialise' your business so customers can share their experiences with their friends, and you can turn them into new customers. Social media is becoming necessary for how companies engage and communicate with their customers and how you can grow your business. This report gives you a quick snapshot of your social media presence.

How the free local SEO audit works

Start by typing in your business name and it will appear on the list. We use the GMB directory to find and match your business profile to the free report and collect the correct company data.


If your business isn’t listed and you can’t find it, add your business name, select the Get your Report Now button, and fill in the form on the next page.


To create the best report for you, we need to confirm and collect your Business name, Address, Phone, and Website URL. Once done, click Create My Report. Our software crawls the website, aggregates citations (directory listings), reads customer reviews, and mentions other mentions of your business. This includes looking at your nearest competitors and finding your social media channels. Discover what keywords your website and GMB profile rank for in Google search. You’ll see the SEO report, and we’ll send you a PDF copy to read.


We’d be delighted to arrange a call to guide you through a personalised, free GMB audit, understand a little more about your business, and figure out your best local SEO tactics to grow, succeed, or compete that can help customers find your business online. Get started and fill in the form.

Free Local SEO Report

New or not sure where to start?

If you don’t have a Google My Business listing or Bing Places account for your business, have not verified your GMB listing or are unsure where to start, Dynamics Tech can help. We are a digital marketing local SEO agency for smaller companies either in the UK or globally. We can help with your digital marketing and make sure you are getting the most out of your Google My Business listings.

We have local SEO tools you need to get better results by helping customers find your business online. 


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