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PPC Loughborough Management Services for Small Businesses

PPC management services get clicks and conversations.

Hey, we’re a small digital marketing company near Loughborough. We specialise in helping small businesses grow. If your advertising campaigns and search rankings have provided no value for you, it’s important to get in touch now. Our dedicated team at PPC Loughborough solves issues.

PPC strategies for Loughborough companies

Customised winning PPC strategies

Great CTR CPA and conversation rate

Improve the CTR, CPA & Conversion Rate with ads that work

Great return on investment

Gain fast returns with measurable results & ROI

Agency work required within centre to put online advert displayed in front website with remarketing

Let someone else, like us, do all the PPC, Ad & Lead campaign work

PPC Loughborough management services drives growth for small businesses.

Your sales are dead with no leads or converting prospects.

Pay-per-click is an effective online advertising model that helps drive traffic to websites.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is one of the most popular ways to draw traffic to your website. With search engine marketing, businesses can attract customers and encourage sales.


Your small business must be competitive and appealing to potential customers online. If your website does not convert or is not appealing to customers, it’s time to consider paid search engine advertisements. A powerful marketing strategy that can give your small business a competitive edge needs a PPC campaign.

Our PPC management services for small Loughborough businesses

Is your business visible online? Would you like more phone calls, enquiries, and sales? You should then use our expert PPC marketing services to boost your website’s online visibility. This way, you will get the attention you deserve.

PPC audit

PPC & Google Ads Account Audits

Before you launch any new campaigns, we need to audit your performance. This is the only way to know if your current ads are working or if there’s an underlying issue with them.

Digital marketing agency keyword research

Keyword Research & Competitor Ad Analysis

Keyword and competitor research can help you understand what your target audience is searching for and wants before launching new campaigns.

PPC campaign planning and tactics possibilities and PPC opportunity improvements

Ad Strategy, Campaign Planning, Reporting & Setup

We’ll plan and budget your ad campaign in a way that makes the most sense for your business, using proven success methods. We’ll focus on three other areas, implement intricate remarketing strategies, brand website content marketing, and landing pages. It will be centred around a data-driven campaign, so you can monitor the results.

Google Ads management formally AdWords offered by our agency and someone with knowledge with your industry if you give details plus data in return to help the work

Google Ads & Bing Ads Management

PPC is hard. Managing PPC advertising can be even harder. This is where a PPC specialist like our team comes in. Outsourcing your Google (formally Google AdWords) and Bing Ads accounts to us will save you time, energy, and money. You focus on taking care of your business — we will take care of the rest!

Ads agency Loughborough company near Leicester

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most popular social media website. It can be overwhelming for brands to use it effectively. While any brand can create an ad, some brands may need assistance getting the platform’s best returns. And that’s where we come in! Get in touch with our PPC agency team.

Lead generation knowledge and method for different channels for quality leads

Lead Generation

We give our clients a tailored experience by helping them with A/B testing, writing highly effective ad copy, crafting specialised landing pages for their digital marketing campaigns, funnelling leads into customers and marketing funnels, while keeping them engaged along the way.

Want a Free PPC Audit?

Don’t neglect your Loughborough PPC advertising account! Our agency Loughborough PPC, can help you manage it.

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Benefits of PPC for small businesses

Pay-per-click ads can give your business a major boost. You can swiftly and efficiently reach target consumers through pay-per-click advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Because these platforms have interactive features, such as location and demographic targeting, you can run adverts that are relevant to your target audience. millions of people could see and buy your products and services online because of PPC.

Small companies average about 1% of their revenues for advertising expenses.
85% of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses​.
Paid advertising returns £1.59 ($2) for every £0.79 ($1) spent – a 200% ROI rate.
Small business marketing manager
conversion tracking reports within a PPC digital marketing agency Management Services and quality score to match the search terms as well as campaign performance of ad groups plus advertising channels used within the campaign structure plus display ad spend versus conversion rates for different text ads and case studies.

An astonishing CTR of 11.3% was achieved. Only 10% of advertisers reach this level of success.

According to WordStream, the average Click Through Rate (CTR) across all industries in Google Ads is 1.91%

Our small digital marketing team generated 562 leads for a local Loughborough company in 5 months, at an average of £0.56 per click, with an average CTR of 11.3% and a conversion rate of 10% landing pages. This new Loughborough start-up boomed and our adverts dominated. This is significantly above the industry average.


Our online advertising strategy includes targeted research, client focus, quality score improvements, and detailed ad management to deliver results.

Most Frequent Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Pay-Per-Click advertising for Loughborough small companies.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a digital marketing technique that draws visitors to your site through online advertisements.


There are many types of online PPC ads, including display, paid search, remarketing, video ads, mobile, native, social media ads, email marketing, and audio ads.


PPC is an essential part of your marketing mix and is one of the most guaranteed ways to expand your reach and quickly find new customers.

A successful PPC campaign requires detailed research, targeting, testing and continuous optimisation to drive business growth. A PPC job is to achieve your paid advertising goals using various PPC campaigns and generate an ROI for their client.


Dynamics Tech is a Leicestershire-based digital marketing business, and you will be working with a specialist dedicated account manager who knows Loughborough well. We also provide other services, including web design Loughborough, and SEO services.


To learn more about our Loughborough PPC advertising and marketing services, contact us to speak to our Loughborough sales representative or our Leicestershire ad account manager.

No matter your budget, we can offer you our expertise and campaign management.


We’d recommend a minimum of £300 per month. Most clients spend £600+ a month. Our monthly PPC ad management fees are 15%-20% of the budget.


Additionally, there are fees for the setup.


The UK average cost-per-click of Google Ads (formally Google AdWords), on the Search Network, is between £0.66 and £1.32. The average cost of Bing across all industries is £1.12.


Many marketing ad management agencies focus on being cheap, which often means they rely on set-and-forget PPC campaigns that don’t get the best results for their digital marketing spend for the client. That’s not us. Our focus is on honest, direct ad campaigns that get the best out of every pound and help your small company grow. Get started. Call us today and speak to our PPC consultant.

If you want people to find your product or service, or have tough competition, Yes Ads is a clear winner. With the correct campaign setup, you can generate a decent ROI.

Yes. Google Ads (formally Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express) is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising solution. It allows businesses and website owners like you to bid on the chance to show ads next to searches on Google.co.uk, as people search for what they have to offer.

Your adverts may appear on Google or Bing when people search for the product or service you offer.


  • Google or Bing search sites: Ads can appear above or below the search results.


  • They can appear above or below the Google Play, Google Shopping tab, or Maps, including the Maps applications.


  • Search Partners: They might appear with search results on sites like Search Partners. Search partners consist of hundreds of non-Google or Bing sites, YouTube, Video, and other text ads sites.


You can also show your advertisements to somebody surfing the web. Your text, image, and display advertising & video campaigns can appear on the Google Display network.


As a social media platform, Facebook allows you to view social media ads on their display network and various products, such as Instagram, Stories, Marketplace, News Feed, Video and Messenger.

It is up to you which option is better for your business. However, it is worth considering that both SEO and PPC ads help in different ways.


Nowadays, many people think of the Internet first when they want restaurant recommendations, business reports or answers to their burning questions. Both SEO & Google Ads can help you connect with them when they search for what you offer. SEO is a traditional foundation for successful online marketing, because it gives your business the best chance to be found. Advertisements allow you to reach more customers simultaneously, no matter how large or small your business is, and will enable you to customise your campaign instantly. Still, it is worth considering that both SEO and ads PPC management can help in different ways.


The combination of SEO and Ads can give you the biggest chance to bring traffic to your website at short notice and improve your company’s web presence for long-term success. Get started today!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) focuses on optimising a website to gain traffic from organic search results.


A search engine marketing (SEM) strategy, on the other hand, aims to increase organic and paid traffic and visibility.

You can easily make an error when setting up your account and first campaign if you have no experience with Google AdWords. Whether your account is struggling or not, our main goal is to turn it around as soon as possible. Rather than worrying about the difficult PPC work, let our PPC management services take care of it for you.

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