Using social media is one of the most popular online activities.


By 2027, over six billion people will use social media worldwide, up from 4.26 billion in 2021.


As a small business owner with so many social sites, accounts, and social media platforms to handle, effective social media marketing (SMM) can be tricky, even for the most tech-savvy owners.


Even though many social managers and business owners believe they have everything under control, they may make some common blunders.


With digital marketing on social media, there is always new information to learn. As a business, you must adapt to a developing and evolving market.


Whitney, Dynamics Tech’s Social Media Manager, shared with me the indicators that signal a need for social media marketing help.


Need Help with Social Media Marketing



Here are ten signs that it’s time to pass the social media reins to someone else:

1. You Struggle with Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Without a clear campaign plan, your social media marketing efforts will provide minimal returns. You’re wasting your time if there isn’t a well-thought-out procedure behind what you’re promoting on social media sites.


Top businesses deliberately plan and execute every social post, whether it’s a link to a recent blog article or a call to action for their most popular product. SSM campaigns are interlinked with the businesses’ main marketing plan and campaigns.


As a small business, study the competition and learn from major companies.


2. Your Brand Lacks Personality

Ambassador did online consumer research and discovered that 71 per cent of customers with a positive social media experience with a company were more inclined to recommend it to others. Due to the importance of referrals, it is critical to maintain a consistent and engaging brand persona online.


If your target audience cannot relate to your brand’s personality, they will abandon it. You must engage your audience deeper and add character to your tweets, Facebook posts, TikTok and Instagram stories.


3. You’re Not Getting Results from Your Efforts

If you’re not getting regular good outcomes from your SMM efforts, it’s time to figure out where you’re doing wrong.


While it might be a challenge to quantify how beneficial individual postings are on a commercial level, it doesn’t imply there aren’t attainable outcomes to be gained. Product marketing on social media works well if done correctly. As is social media advertising and influencer marketing.


4. You’re Doing Things Manually

Regarding business, one thing is undeniably true: time is precious. You don’t want to waste time on stuff that can be automated.


If you manually plan, operate, and manage your social media activities, you are wasting everyone’s time.


You can save several company hours each week by using excellent social media management software!


Suppose you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile (formally Google My Business), or LinkedIn, all at different times of the day. In that case, it’s safe to assume you need help with your social media marketing.


5. You Have Repetitive Posts

It would help if you abandoned a robotic attitude to your social media updates. Your audience wants to feel acknowledged, and a few generic and non-personalised tweets daily will have the opposite impact.


When it comes to Facebook, you may even be penalised for publishing in a spammy manner.


Facebook understands that your audience does not want to read spam postings and hides them from their view. This is the last thing you want as a business.


6. You Have No Data to Track Your Campaigns

The absence of genuine data analysis is the ultimate sign that you need help with your social media marketing.


Specific tweets do better than others, and some articles are more engaging. It’s critical to identify and improve top-performing content for future campaigns.


Are you measuring your social media marketing ROI?


7. You Don’t Have Time for Social Media

If you’re finding that you just don’t have the time to post regularly on social media or keep up with comments and messages, then it’s time to hire someone to help.


Social media isn’t going anywhere. If your business succeeds, you need to be active on social media.


Hiring someone to help with social media will free up your time, so you can focus on other aspects of running your business.


8. Your Posts Aren’t Getting Any Engagement

Engagement is vital in social media marketing. If your posts aren’t getting any likes, comments, or shares, it’s a sign that something needs to change.


Maybe your content isn’t relevant to your audience, or you’re not posting often enough.


Whatever the reason, if your posts aren’t getting any engagement, it’s time to hire someone who can help turn things around.


9. Your Social Media Accounts Are Neglected

If your last Facebook post was from six months ago, or your Twitter account was inactive for weeks (or longer), it’s time to hire some help.


Neglected social media accounts give the impression that your business is defunct, which is the last thing you want. Hiring someone to manage your social media accounts will ensure they are regularly updated with fresh content.


10. Missing Out on Seasonal Events and Current Trends

Every year, it’s Christmas. Every year we have Easter. Every year we have Wimbledon. Every year we have Black Friday… and so on.


The global calendar doesn’t change, so staying on top of what’s going on helps create great content, ideas, and campaigns.


Missing these events or not staying updated with other trending topics or social trends just doesn’t help you communicate to your audience.


Weaving the main calendar events into your social media plan and campaign is a given. If you’re missing them, you are simply not in the game, and it’s time to pass the baton to someone who will.



Social media marketing is an integral part of any business’s success. However, it takes a lot of work.


The social media industry is growing daily, and many people are getting their feet wet in it. But even so, millions are still struggling with their social media efforts.


Social media marketing is a full-time job—one that requires plenty of time, effort, and expertise. If you don’t have time for social media or your posts aren’t getting any engagement, it might be time to hire some help.


If your social media accounts are neglected, it’s definitely time to hire someone who can manage them for you.


Don’t let your business suffer because of an inactive social media presence; hire someone who can help create and maintain a strong presence for you online.


To truly master SMM, however, you must recognise your weaknesses. Having the ability to make the necessary changes will ultimately allow your social media marketing to grow.


Are you in need of small business, social media marketing? Dynamics Tech offers technology, support, training, and consultancy services for small businesses to improve their digital marketing. Contact us today to learn more.