The Guildhall Museum Leicester

The Guildhall Museum, located at Guildhall Lane, Leicester LE1 5FQ, United Kingdom, is a museum and performance venue in Leicestershire, UK.



Few spaces exhibit as much of Leicester’s rich English history as the Guildhall Museum. As one of the fascinating museums in Leicestershire, the Guildhall Museum has endured some of the best and most harrowing moments in the area’s history. Guildhall Museum was originally built 631 years ago in 1390. In its time, it’s considered a courtroom, a town hall, a theatre, and many other kinds of important meetings.


Below, I summarise the building’s past and what most visitors think of the museum, it’s become in the present day.


When it was built in Leicestershire around 1390, the building was used by businessmen and gentry from the Guild of Corpus Christi as a meeting place for various talks and discussions. Several priests from nearby St Martin’s Church could live in the house. The earliest visitors to the building were religiously connected individuals. Sometime roughly a century later, it was bought by the Corporation of Leicester.


The Guildhall Museum Leicester saw conflict occur outside it and eventually inside it during the English Civil War. The mayor and others negotiated here during the conflict. The Guildhall was where many influential individuals planned the city’s future in the ongoing war. Eventually, the Royalist faction entered the city, battling at the Guildhall before looting the building.


It’s unclear how many people have visited the Leicestershire property in the over 600 years it stood tall in Leicester. However, notable names speculated to have made multiple visits, including William Shakespeare and Oliver Cromwell, to name a few. There’s no proof that either individual stayed at the Guildhall, although there is evidence for this being the case. For Oliver Cromwell, it has paid for wine and beer at the Guildhall, implying he stayed there at least a handful of times.


As you would expect, most visitors and tour guides speak highly of the museum, and it’s considered a must-see location in the Leicestershire area. The avenue is a popular location for various entertainment, including comedy shows and private weddings. Most, however, enjoy the building simply for its historical context and the chance it provides to learn so much about the Leicester area. The museum has free entry, although a donation of at least £2 is recommended.


More critical visitors have taken note of certain elements present at the museum currently. Some visitors spotted modern furniture in some parts of the building, which they said was one of the main impediments to such a historical exhibit. Others commented that some exhibits are poorly rated and that some interesting exhibits are not well-used. These things won’t take much away from your pleasure at the Guildhall Museum, and it’s always a wonderful place to visit if you end up in the area.


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